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How to bring white hair and all the advice of the hairdresser to enhance them in the right way

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Going to the hairdresser every month to cover the regrowth of white hair is a great hassle. Also stressing the hair with often aggressive colors can weaken the fiber, when also causing allergies. So why not say enough about the bondage of color by going to the hairdresser often and not deciding to dare a salt and pepper head? A lot of Hollywood stars do it and they're beautiful. The trend of white hair is also conquering the catwalks: in Paris as in New York, in Milan as in London, more and more stylists and hairdressers have made the catwalk for next spring grizzled models or with total white hair. According to psychologists, leaving natural hair is a sign of strength, because it means accepting yourself and the passing of time. Of course, being aware of your own beauty despite a few white strands and naturally carrying a beautiful salt and pepper can requires a strong character and a strong personality. But why not try? You can start by getting used to the new look slowly, keeping in mind that no choice is irreversible: if you do not feel comfortable, you can go back. At first they are only a few white threads. Then they multiply until they turn salt and pepper into a candied 'total white'. So beautiful and glamorous, but also difficult to accept. It's an opportunity to get back into the game by taking advantage of a different expressive tone. Pretty much a new beginning. If you have decided to try not to dye your hair white, rely on the hairdresser who will avoid drastic steps and mix the white threads with a color as close as possible to your natural hair. Ideal balayage technique: with games of light and shadow, shades similar to those of regrowth are created, making the deadlift less visible. Then just wait for the natural hair to grow back and mix with the dyed ones, to be cut gradually. If the white threads are few, it is not necessary intervention by the hairdresser with a cut too short. A long cart up to the shoulders, it's going to be fine. Perfect also a disheveled-chic cut, so the grizzled you will see less. If there are many strands of white hair, opt for a short with the nape of the neck and longer strands around the oval or a tomboy helmet. To avoid a sloppy effect, it is good that the salt and pepper strands are cured. Grey and white hair is more delicate, because they have a low content of sulphorated amino acids (cistininand and metionin). They are stiffer and are seen more, because the marrow is discovered compared to that of pigmented hair. So they need special attention from your hairdresser. Yes to wraps, masks and products, also recommended by the hairdresser, based on proteins and silicones that eliminate the friscan effect, smooth the cuticle and make the hair more elastic and hydrated. We also recommend an anti-yellow shampoo that, thanks to the violet pigments and wisteria, makes the color uniform and gives it a beautiful cold shade, enhancing the silvery reflections.

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